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King James III

Prior to donning the KingĀ JamesĀ III moniker, the members of Christ Gang churned out hit songs that not only stuck to the ears of listeners, but also celebrated their devotion to a higher power. Clear eyed and on point, they rebranded themselves as King James III and as a part of the NMG Productions team they've come out of the gate on fire.

What separates King James III from many of their peers is that while they are inspirational-mentored, their message and delivery is not white-washed and patronizing. They inject their music with a real-life approach and don't pretend to be people who do no wrong. They talk openly of their struggles and difficulties, but the key part of their message is that they know their lives are a work in progress and they are always striving to better self, even with all of the ups and downs.

This kind of honesty connects with listeners on a cerebral and spiritual level, and the new song "Straight" takes us on a journey that speaks to their most recent changes.